Welcome to CARGOrust!

We offer a simple but full Rust experience on the CARGOrust network

There are currently 11 players on our 3 servers

Welcome on CARGOrust, a simple Rust server network made in 2020.

Our network was launched in June 2020, but we have the quality and the uptime you expect from top official Rust servers.

A small yet fully functioning Rust server network, a comfy place where your dreams of domination or roleplaying can become a reality.

Our goal isn't to make money or become big, just to create good and enjoyable Rust servers. A place for everyone, from the 10 hours noob to the 8,000 hours chad.

Our maps are always big enough to have the best diversity of monuments and yet keep the best aspects of PvP and Survival.

Discover the experience you've been dreaming of.

Want to connect fast to one of our servers ? Copy/paste the client.connect and ip command and enter it in your Rust console !

You can also find us by searching "CARGO" inside the Rust server browser !

See you on the 🏖️ !

CARGO | SOLO ONLY | 2x Vanilla | WIPED 22/1


Wiped 5 days 18 hours ago



CARGO | SOLO/DUO/TRIO | 2x Vanilla | WIPED 27/1


Wiped 18 hours 38 minutes ago



CARGO | NO LIMIT | 2x Vanilla | WIPED 23/1


Wiped 4 days 18 hours ago