CARGO Partner & Sponsorship program.

We currently have 2 partners inside our Partner Program

★ What is the partner program ?

Welcome to the CARGO Rust partner program. This program has been created to reward content creators that are active on our server network and who promote it. Anyone starting from 500 Subscribers can apply to enter it. Our partners have access to free VIP Rank (+ Sign Artist package) and tools such as Demo Recorder. They also have an access to a channel on our community discord where they can promote their content.

★ How can i apply ?

One of our Requirement is to have atleast: 500 subscriber on Youtube or 50 active viewer on Twitch. You can apply by opening a ticket on our Discord server (#support channel). We are opened for propositions.


Tristannn is another Rust french content creator. A pure pvp chad, he experienced his best counter raid he had in more than 3k hours was recorded on the CARGOrust servers.


SneaxZy is a small French Rust content creator. Proud to be our first partner in the program, he plays as much as possible on CARGOrust servers and record as much as he can on it.