Rules of the CARGOrust ship.

In order to get a proper experience please, respect those rules on our services

  • On all of our services DO NOT PLAY WITH UNKNOWN PLAYERS, even if they seem trustworthy or are friends of friends.
    You will be banned if any team member is either a cheater or ban evading, with the exception of first time benefit of doubt.
  • If you are even remotely unsure of anything here please ask a member of staff, and remember: IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE.
  • Ban evasion is STRICLY prohibited through any means, you will be permanently banned no matter the original punishment.
Rust Rules
You're not allowed to spam or flood in our servers in-game text or voice chats.
You can use a soundboard as long it's not annoying loud sounds.
You're not allowed to attack people based on their characteristics or what they are.
Do not purposefully go after people, trash talking is fine and expected, light offensive jokes are okay, being hateful to another human is not.
You're not allowed to break the team limit.
For our servers who enforce a limitation in teaming with other player, you need to respect it. If you are not sure, please ask.
You shouldn't use any kind of client modification that give you advantage on other players.
Any software, script or macro that give you an advantage is considered as cheating.
You're not allowed to doxx other players, share their personal information, etc.
You're not allowed to make or use offensive content in public in-game places.
You can do offensive drawings or use offensive content in your base/with your friends, but not in public places.
You're forbidden to use any kind of exploits (with the exclusion of meta building ones).
You should never use or abuse any game-breaking exploits.
Discord Rules
We adhere to the Discord Terms of Service
and Community guidelines and expect the same from you.
Not safe for work content such as porn and gore is strictly forbidden.
Don't abuse the ticket tool in the support channel
Respect the staff and their decisions.
Don't even try to spam.
Discrimination and offensive content of any sort will not be tolerated.
Don't harass other users, leak personal information(doxxing), or start drama.
Don't advertise other Discord servers or Rust servers.
Don't abuse bots and their commands.